FREE DELIVERY (***Orders from $15) from 25-May-2019 to 30-June-2019. Products same price in AEON Phnom Penh. (more detail about AEON ONLINE (855)93-345-231)
DELIVERY SAME DAY: 9AM-9PM, the last orders by 6:59PM. Orders after 7PM, we deliver the next day.


I. Pick-up at Aeon MaxValu Express store

    - Pay by Cash at Aeon MaxValu Express Cashier

    - Pay by Visa/Master or e-money at Aeon MaxValu Express Cashier

II. Delivery to customer's door

    - Pay by cash at customer's door

    - Visa /Master (*** If you use a free Wi-Fi connection in an airport, cafe, hotel or some other public space, you may be taking a big risk with your credit card information and other types of important data.)

III. Special Note

* Aeon Mummy Card and Aeon Credit Card for Aeon Day promotion are not applied.

* Aeon Point Card for points saving will be applied upon notification from AEON Cambodia.